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Perfect Recovery

Perfect recovery does not exist, unless we’re talking about hitting the pillow clean and sober every night. Everything leading up to closing your eyes to another 24 hours logged in your sober history, is trial and error. We all do our own recovery differently, and what works for one person, may not work for theRead More

How Medical Detox Can Keep You Sober

If you are trying to get sober for good, dealing with withdrawal symptoms is the first serious challenge. You will feel compelled to start drinking again just to relieve the symptoms. If your addiction is serious enough, withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous and sometimes fatal. Medical detox can reduce the danger and discomfort of detoxRead More

What to Expect When You Get to Treatment

Whether you’ve been mandated by a court to seek treatment for your addiction, have been urged by your employer, close friends or family, or have decided to do so on your own, you are about to begin a life-changing course of action. Entering treatment is among the best gifts you will ever receive. Your firstRead More