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It’s Better to Give a Resentment Than Get One

Resentments and secrets are the silent killers of addicts and alcoholics. In our disease, we are full of them. We resent the people, places, and things that surround us, and seem to find no fault in ourselves. We may resent family members for pushing us away, or our manager for terminating us from our jobs.Read More

Can I Still Go to Events that Serve Alcohol?

If you are new to recovery, the thought of being around alcohol can be anxiety-provoking and downright frightening. Even people with years under their belt can feel uncomfortable in its presence. This is quite reasonable, since that very substance is what brought many of us to our knees. However, it’s nearly impossible to avoid beingRead More

10 Things You Learn About When You’re in Detox

It may not sound like it, but detox is akin to a mysterious excursion into the great unknown, and believe this: you do not want to miss it, nor will you regret this journey. Addiction Is a Disease Yes, you heard that right. That seemingly unbeatable desire to use, even when you don’t want to, isRead More

Why Do You Need Spontaneous Fun in Recovery?

One thing addicts often worry about when they begin recovery is whether they will ever have fun again. Sobriety can seem monotonous. Many people start drinking or using in the first place because their lives felt painful or tedious. Maybe they felt less self conscious at parties or noticed everything seemed more interesting when high.Read More

Signs of a Good Treatment Center

Once you’ve made the decision to get clean and sober, searching for a treatment center can be extremely daunting.  You likely don’t know what aspects to look for and unfortunately some rehabilitation centers only care about money.  A quality treatment center’s primary goal is to help you to get clean and well again, for longRead More

Getting Sober In Your 20s Isn’t The Worst

They say that your 20s are supposed to be the best years of your life. Society makes excuses for excessive drug and alcohol use during this time period, as if being a 20-something-year-old means you should act crazy and perpetually be under the influence. Binge drinking is glorified and blacking out is seen as anRead More