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What Do I Do After Treatment?

Before you leave treatment, you should have a game plan in place. After-care is as important as treatment itself, and you’ll want your next steps to be as seamless as possible. The following are tips to keep your recovery on fire and your life a little less stressful: Have a Safe Place Lined Up forRead More

What is Cross Addiction?

The world seems full of things to which we can become addicted, and many of us have first-hand experience of being addicted to not one, but multiple extra-curricular activities. When you think of addiction, drugs and alcohol may first come to mind, but not all addictions are substances. Things such as exercise, sex, shopping, andRead More

Can I Still Go to Events that Serve Alcohol?

If you are new to recovery, the thought of being around alcohol can be anxiety-provoking and downright frightening. Even people with years under their belt can feel uncomfortable in its presence. This is quite reasonable, since that very substance is what brought many of us to our knees. However, it’s nearly impossible to avoid beingRead More