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Believe in Abundance

Addiction may have depleted any beliefs you held before it ripped your life apart, and early recovery may have you feeling a little lost as to what is in store. When we get sober, we start to reflect on what addiction has taken from us, and how it has impacted our life paths. It’s easyRead More

What Is Recovery?

Simply put, recovery from anything is amazing, but recovery from drugs and alcohol is downright impressive. It’s astonishing that a person could come back from addiction and lead a successful life in recovery—it truly is astonishing. The disease of addiction tears apart families, ruins careers, kills people, causes crime, and takes any shred of dignityRead More

Give In to Win

So many addicts and alcoholics believe that if they get sober, they are giving up or failing. What addicts and alcoholics don’t realize, is that they’ve been fighting a losing battle for a long time. No matter what a person tries to do, or thinks will be different, addiction will always win. The only wayRead More

Hope Is Not in a Bottle

Have you ever hoped that a certain feeling would disappear after a few slugs off the bottle? Then, once again, you come-to only to find that the pain you felt before is still there, and even accompanied by more problems than you already had? It is nearly impossible for an alcoholic to see any hopeRead More

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

The term, “slowbriety” is true to its sound. Recovery from drugs and alcohol doesn’t happen overnight, just like addiction didn’t happen in one sitting. Addicts and alcoholics are known for their love of instant gratification, and when they find out there is nothing instant about recovery, it can leave quite the mark and a littleRead More

Life Skills You Start Gaining as Soon as You Get Sober

The act of getting sober is life-changing, and can be felt almost instantly. Once the booze and drugs are removed, physiological and psychological changes begin taking place, and we begin to adapt. As soon as your mind starts to clear, your perspective shifts, and you start learning what it feels like and what it meansRead More

It’s Better to Give a Resentment Than Get One

Resentments and secrets are the silent killers of addicts and alcoholics. In our disease, we are full of them. We resent the people, places, and things that surround us, and seem to find no fault in ourselves. We may resent family members for pushing us away, or our manager for terminating us from our jobs.Read More

5 Strategies for Healthy Family Communication

Communication is a key element to maintaining healthy relationships with others. It’s important to convey thoughts, ideas, and feelings in any relationship by using any form of communication. We communicate with co-workers, friends, partners, and even strangers. In a family with a loved one who is an addict, it is imperative to develop and maintainRead More

Life Skills and Emotional Skills Side By Side

Success in recovery looks different for everyone.  Some of us just want be a better communicator.  Others want to be able to find housing and a job.  Addicts need to be able to cope with day to day life.  Through this journey you will develop emotional skills and life skills.  Both of these categories areRead More

How to Keep Yourself Busy When You’re Newly Sober

It will feel very silly at first.  Sitting down to play games, draw and paint.  These are baby steps to real life coping skills. Simple tasks and busy work will feel like a waste of time at first, but then it will be a feeling of content.  Letting your mind focus on a task, doesn’tRead More