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Try These 5 Tips to Beat Early Sobriety Insomnia

Drugs and alcohol impact the brain and body in many ways, including the brain’s neurochemistry. In addiction, the chemistry of the brain is thrown off, disrupting the body’s normal way of functioning. It takes time for people’s bodies to regain proper balance. One of the issues people have to deal with in early recovery isRead More

Why Can’t I Sleep?

Sleep hygiene involves modifying our behavior to promote a good night’s sleep. In recovery, sleep is incredibly important, and without it, we put ourselves at risk of relapse. By following a few of the following tips, you may begin to develop new habits that will benefit your health: Maintain a Regular Sleep Schedule  Go toRead More

How Long Should Insomnia Last in Recovery?

For many people, insomnia and drug or alcohol addiction seemingly go hand-in-hand. The inability to sleep is life-changing and can make functioning normally, very difficult. It’s not unusual for addiction to cause insomnia or insomnia to cause addiction. In recovery, we may still experience sleep difficulties and the problems and frustration that accompany lack ofRead More