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Why Proper Hydration Can Boost Your Health and Fitness

Water is foundational to life. Our bodies are made up of water and we cannot escape the fact that we are made of water. It helps our bodies thrive, digest food, and absorb needed nutrients. It moistens cells, promotes cell growth, and repairs the body. Learn more about why proper hydration can help your overallRead More

What Do Hormones Have to Do with a Healthy Recovery?

Hormones are produced by the organs in the body and secreted to influence metabolic activity. In response to stimulation, hormones enter the bloodstream and increase or decrease the rate of metabolic processes. The entire body system functions because of hormones and when those are out of balance, the body can become a minefield. Understanding InsulinRead More

How Do I Reclaim My Health in Recovery?

Taking back your physical health can feel like a challenge when you are trying to repair lots of damage done over a number of years. Your body has to undergone a process from detox to recovery that helps you re-learn how to function in this new (sober) body. Learn some tips for how to healRead More

Why Do Using Dreams Happen?

If you are in recovery, it is likely that you have experienced a using dream. Upon awakening, you may have been awash with relief that what you just experienced was only a dream. Or, sometimes people experience a longing for the dream to continue. Using dreams are normal, and most people in recovery have experiencedRead More

When Cravings Hit, What Should I Do?

Cravings are a pesky part of recovery, but as long as you don’t give into them, you are doing sobriety perfectly. In early recovery, cravings may seem like a never-ending occurrence, but just know, they will get better. With time, cravings lessen, sobriety gets easier, and life is simpler. Until then, it’s a good ideaRead More

What’s Happening to Your Body During Withdrawal?

The outward symptoms of withdrawal are apparent. While different drugs have different withdrawal symptoms, some symptoms are common for many drugs. These symptoms include anxiety, insomnia, irritability, shaking, sweating, headaches, and nausea. What’s actually happening inside your body to cause these symptoms is less obvious and depends on what drug you are trying to getRead More

How Much Water Should You Drink During Detox?

One underrated danger of detox is dehydration. If you have been drinking heavily or just generally neglecting your health, you may enter detox already dehydrated. This is especially bad because detoxing can cause nausea and vomiting, making it difficult to drink enough water to rehydrate. Dehydration isn’t a minor issue. Even if you aren’t goingRead More