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Why “Clean Eating” Labels May Do More Harm Than Good

If you spend hours a week prepping meals and trying to get your food menu in order, you may be trying too hard to find ‘safe’ foods that you aren’t even enjoying food any longer. Spending excessive amounts of time on worrying about food may not make you healthier, it may raise your anxiety andRead More

What is Holistic Nutrition?

The practice of holistic nutrition is in its infancy and many people are not exactly sure what it means but basically holistic nutrition is about supporting the body through healthy food and eating habits. Find out more on what holistic nutrition is and how it can help your body function more optimally. Holism The theoryRead More

It is Possible to Experience Healthy Closure: Here’s How

When you think of ‘relationship closure,’ you might think about tying up loose ends in a relationship or focusing on letting go of something from the past. There are different ways to experience closure, not all of them healthy. Learn some tips for going through the experience in a way that helps you heal. WhyRead More

How Do I Kick Up My Metabolism?

Metabolism is one of those biochemical processes your body uses to convert food into energy. This process includes breathing, eating, and digesting food. The use of energy by your muscles, nerves, and cells also includes the elimination of waste products from your body. Your body needs the right nutrients and food sources to help kickRead More

The Surprising Health Benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar

There is a lot of talk about the health benefits of superfoods. Spinach, kale, quinoa, and avocados seem to be in everything lately. There is an age-old remedy that has not quite gotten the hype it maybe deserves: apple cider vinegar. Find out why it has surprising health benefits and why it can help youRead More

Healthy Selfishness is Okay (Really)

A lot of people will tell you that being selfish is not okay, in fact, it can be damaging to your recovery. Pathological selfishness is not a wrong thing, unless you are narcissistic. Everyone needs to grab hold of their selfishness now and again and give it a good shake to get the cobwebs out.Read More

Why is Bone Broth So Healthy?

Bone broth is all the rage at the moment. You can’t open a magazine or news article online about healthy trends and not notice bone broth is at the top of the list. It is more than a passing trend, and is not new on the scene. It has actually been around a long timeRead More

Stress: Impacting Your Mind and Body

Not too many people enjoy the feeling of being under a lot of stress. On a daily basis, we all encounter situations that have some level of stress, from waking up late for work to traffic jams, financial problems, and relationship issues. It may be nearly impossible to eradicate stress from your life completely, butRead More