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Can Games Teach Us About Healing in Recovery?

Games are a way to connect people together in community. They are sometimes fun, maybe challenging, but always entertaining and engaging. It can even be a tool for learning and healing. Learn about some ways games may be able to teach us about handling ourselves in recovery and how it helps us heal. Lessons LearnedRead More

How Can Energy Healing Help Your Recovery?

If you ever felt disconnected from yourself and your life, like something is wrong, you are not alone. It is common for many of us to feel like we are struggling to make sense of our lives. As a child, maybe you were taught to stuff down your feelings and do what others said toRead More

Best Nutritional Supplements for Helping Your Brain Heal

As most of us in recovery know, we put our bodies through the ringer in addiction. Self-care was the least of our worries, and now that we’re clean and sober, it’s important to replenish what drinking and using took away. Patience with this process is key; our disease didn’t happen overnight, and healing the brainRead More