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What is Ambiguous Grief and How Can I Cope?

Lots of people talk about grief, what it is, and how to cope with it. But what about other types of grief, the kind that are harder to name or put a face to. Perhaps it is grieving someone who is terminally ill, or suffering from debilitating illness that robs them of memory or capacityRead More

How Do I Handle Grief and Loss in Recovery Without Relapsing?

Coping with loss and grief is never easy, particularly when you are in a vulnerable state. Recovery is a delicate time, depending on how far you are in the journey, but at any point life’s circumstances can send you reeling. Relapse is always possible but you can handle it better with the right perspective, andRead More

How Do I Handle Mourning In Sobriety?

Grief is one of, if not the most uncomfortable and devastating human emotions we all go through at some point in our lives. Loss is inevitable; whether it be a pet, a loved one, a job, or even our drug of choice, when we lose something that was once a part of us, it canRead More