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Rough Seas and Calm Water

Just like the ocean, sobriety has its moments of rough seas and calm water. It all starts with detox, which can be extremely rough and sometimes deadly if not done under medical supervision. The first week in particular can be difficult on people, but if detox medications are given, the process is much more comfortable.Read More

Sobriety: Life Goes On

There are millions of active alcoholics and addicts who are in a daily struggle of addiction, on the verge of a cliff, and not knowing which way to jump. The disease of addiction has hijacked their brains to the point of not being able to stop drinking or using, no matter how badly they wantRead More

What do I Need to Know About Getting Sober?

Getting sober is a life changer, and the unknown can be frightening for an addict or alcoholic. Subtract drugs and alcohol from our world, and the unknown is uncharted territory and we really have no idea what to expect. There are a few things to keep in mind, and many more that you will learnRead More