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Why Do Some People Start Using Drugs and Alcohol?

Some people who turn to alcohol or drugs to numb out turn away from the causes of their initial problems. Understanding why some use drugs and alcohol is a complex issue but one that is worth exploring as it can lead to answers of how people become addicted and how to best support their journeyRead More

Is One Form of Heroin Use More Dangerous Than the Other?

All forms of heroin use are dangerous. Any method to introduce heroin to the body can result in addiction, overdose, and death. The most common forms of use are smoking, snorting, and injecting the drug. Many people falsely believe that smoking or snorting heroin is safe, and only intravenous use poses a danger to theRead More

How Long Should Insomnia Last in Recovery?

For many people, insomnia and drug or alcohol addiction seemingly go hand-in-hand. The inability to sleep is life-changing and can make functioning normally, very difficult. It’s not unusual for addiction to cause insomnia or insomnia to cause addiction. In recovery, we may still experience sleep difficulties and the problems and frustration that accompany lack ofRead More

Determining your Level of Care

You should be proud of your actions.  You took the first step and admitted there is a problem.  Searching for who and where to turn for treatment is a big decision.  We are here to help.  There are many resources to look into when deciding what treatment you should seek.  Everyone’s experience is different, whichRead More

On the Other Side of Detox is Hope

Detox can be scary. You might have heard nightmare stories about long, painful withdrawal and deep despair. It’s true that sometimes detox can be difficult. Your body has to flush out all the toxins. Your brain chemistry is thrown into total disarray and your physical illness may be compounded by feelings of anxiety and depression.Read More

Rock Bottom Isn’t Just For Addicts

Anyone who has ever been in recovery or supported a friend or family member has probably heard the phrase “rock bottom”. It’s the lowest point in your morale, when the place you’ve reached is so distressing and overwhelming that you can go absolutely no lower. Life seems to be falling apart. When it comes toRead More