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Can You Be Depressed and Not Know?

It seems like an absurd question with an obvious answer. Depression is typically associated with feeling sad and how can you not know that you feel sad? In reality, depression is much more than feeling sad, although prolonged sadness is usually a symptom. Depression is insidious and typically has both cognitive, mental, and physical components.Read More

Two Surprising Ways Depression Affects Your Language

A new study published in Clinical Psychological Science has revealed some surprising ways depression affects the way people write. A team of researchers crunched a huge amount of text, including song lyrics, blog posts, books, and Facebook posts written by people with depression. They discovered patterns of language use that can accurately predict whether aRead More

Drinking and Depression

Addiction is commonly associated with other mental health issues, including depression and anxiety. Depression is so common, that it has been likened to the chicken and the egg debate: which came first, depression or alcoholism? Alcoholism can certainly cause depression, while being depressed can cause a person to reach for a drink. It’s very counterRead More