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When Cravings Hit, What Should I Do?

Cravings are a pesky part of recovery, but as long as you don’t give into them, you are doing sobriety perfectly. In early recovery, cravings may seem like a never-ending occurrence, but just know, they will get better. With time, cravings lessen, sobriety gets easier, and life is simpler. Until then, it’s a good ideaRead More

How Can I Make the Cravings Go Away During Detox?

Cravings are an unfortunate part of addiction and early recovery. As addicts and alcoholics, we have a disease that is constantly trying to kill us. It’s sad, but it’s true. We may not be able to make the cravings go away completely, but we can approach and deal with them differently. It is important toRead More

What is Cross Addiction?

The world seems full of things to which we can become addicted, and many of us have first-hand experience of being addicted to not one, but multiple extra-curricular activities. When you think of addiction, drugs and alcohol may first come to mind, but not all addictions are substances. Things such as exercise, sex, shopping, andRead More

What Are Cravings?

Everyone knows what a craving feels like. A craving can be as mild as “I think I would like some ice cream” or as severe as “I absolutely must have a drink right now or I will tear my hair out.” Cravings usually apply to something specific–otherwise it’s more like restlessness or agitation–and they canRead More