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Are You Ready for Sobriety?

Your friends and family may sure think you’re ready for sobriety, but how do you feel about it? Have you grown tired of waking up everyday, and it’s the same thing—drinking or using, then scheming to get more—day in and day out? Nothing feels good anymore, in fact, you don’t really feel anything. What youRead More

Victim or Volunteer?

A life in addiction is tumultuous, and some of the things that happen us can leave not only physical, but emotional scars. Many of us are victimized because addiction is a high-risk lifestyle. Once the drugs and alcohol are removed from the equation, we have the choice to move from victim to survivor. Not allRead More

What is the 13th Step?

If you are new to 12 Step programs, you may hear people speak of the 13th Step. It may not make much sense since the literature makes no mention of any step past the 12th. Generally speaking, the 13th Step refers to an old-timer in the program seeking out a newcomer with less than aRead More

It’s Better to Give a Resentment Than Get One

Resentments and secrets are the silent killers of addicts and alcoholics. In our disease, we are full of them. We resent the people, places, and things that surround us, and seem to find no fault in ourselves. We may resent family members for pushing us away, or our manager for terminating us from our jobs.Read More

Craziest Ideas You Have in Detox

Anyone who lands in detox usually doesn’t show up playing with a full deck of cards. We don’t wind up here because life has been going so great and we are the picture of mental health. No, we’re here because we thought making a run to the grocery store at 2am for baking soda wasRead More

Best Nutritional Supplements for Helping Your Brain Heal

As most of us in recovery know, we put our bodies through the ringer in addiction. Self-care was the least of our worries, and now that we’re clean and sober, it’s important to replenish what drinking and using took away. Patience with this process is key; our disease didn’t happen overnight, and healing the brainRead More

Perfect Recovery

Perfect recovery does not exist, unless we’re talking about hitting the pillow clean and sober every night. Everything leading up to closing your eyes to another 24 hours logged in your sober history, is trial and error. We all do our own recovery differently, and what works for one person, may not work for theRead More

10 Things You Learn About When You’re in Detox

It may not sound like it, but detox is akin to a mysterious excursion into the great unknown, and believe this: you do not want to miss it, nor will you regret this journey. Addiction Is a Disease Yes, you heard that right. That seemingly unbeatable desire to use, even when you don’t want to, isRead More