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How Do I Cope with Change in Addiction Recovery?

Change is defined differently by different people. It may be defined as the act of making or becoming different. Those are small words for an often series of tumultuous acts. Change can be sudden and unexpected. No matter how much we plan for change, it can throw people for a loop. Anxiety and fear canRead More

What Strengths do You Gain from Early Recovery?

When it comes to early recovery, keeping it simple can go a long way. Getting clean and sober is one of, if not the most difficult, yet rewarding life choices we will ever make and live. Some days you may not feel up to the challenge, but so long as you don’t pick up aRead More

What do I Need to Know About Getting Sober?

Getting sober is a life changer, and the unknown can be frightening for an addict or alcoholic. Subtract drugs and alcohol from our world, and the unknown is uncharted territory and we really have no idea what to expect. There are a few things to keep in mind, and many more that you will learnRead More

Caterpillars and Butterflies

Alcoholics and addicts have the disease of perception. Many new people who show up to recovery, show up with a very warped perception of reality. It may not seem clear to you now, but the truth of the situation is, you have reached a turning point in your life. You may feel like a caterpillarRead More

Fake It Till You Make It

Not drinking or using is a foreign concept for those of us who are addicts and alcoholics. When you’ve been addicted to a substance like we have, sobriety is not our natural state, and it shows at least a little bit in the beginning. As newcomers to sobriety, everything feels weird and awkward—the world, theRead More

What Should I Bring to Detox?

First off, way to go on making the best decision of your life! Deciding to go to detox isn’t easy, and you may be feeling a lot of anxiety and uncertainty right now. It’s normal to feel this way, and rest assured, your feelings will change. After you get here and settled in, you won’tRead More

Why You Can Have Hope in Recovery

The reason why you can have hope in recovery, is because recovery itself is hopeful. In active addiction, hope is nowhere to be found and lonely despair fills our small world. In the dark hours of drinking and using, we as addicts and alcoholics can only hope for it all to end, to never feelRead More

Will I Ever Have Fun Again?

Almost everyone who chooses recovery has asked the question, “Will I ever have fun again?” It’s an interesting question, especially since addiction has zapped every ounce of fun out of our lives. Most people who come to treatment don’t get there because their lives were going so well, rather, they’re here because recovery or deathRead More

This Is Why People in Recovery Say They’re Grateful

If you are new to the whole concept of sobriety, and you hear someone say how grateful they are to be an addict or alcoholic in recovery, you may be a bit skeptical. How could someone possibly be grateful that they can’t drink or use again? It may seem like an illogical mystery right now,Read More

Growth Through Pain

Growing pains are real, and if you’re an addict or alcoholic in recovery, you know all too well what they’re about. Before any of us got sober, we had pains left and right, backwards and forwards. Everything seemed to hurt, no matter what it was. Joy had left the building, and it was gone beforeRead More