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What Are The Most Common, Most Difficult Addictions?

Defined, addiction is a chronic, relapsing brain disease with symptoms of compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences. Addiction isn’t a choice; the first use may have been, but the disease is not. Substances change the way the brain works, and some may have more impact on a person’s physiology and behavior than otherRead More

Reinventing Yourself

Stopping the use of drugs or alcohol is one of the biggest changes a person can do for herself or himself. For an active alcoholic or an addict, it’s even bigger. Drinking and drugging becomes a part of our identity and when we don’t do it anymore, it can feel overwhelming. Many of us haveRead More

What Are The Signs Of High-Functioning Addiction?

Spotting a high-functioning addict can be difficult, especially in people who know how to hide the signs, such as doctors and other professionals. A part of being a high-functioning addict is the ability to function somewhat normally, which means other people don’t take much notice of their actions or their irregularities. If you suspect aRead More

Drinking Takes, Sobriety Gives

When many of us started drinking, it felt like alcohol was giving us gifts of courage, socialization, empowerment, and attractiveness. Alcohol gave us comfort in times of sorrow and loneliness. All of these “things” that we thought were good side effects were only masks for what alcohol truly is and does. Had any of usRead More

Am I Drinking Too Much?

If you are asking yourself this question, chances are that the answer is yes. For so many of us, we unknowingly crossed the line between social drinking and alcohol abuse. It’s an easy thing to do, because that line is a little blurry in our society. Our culture is saturated with alcohol, and drinking isRead More

Alcohol on the Brain

Alcohol is a drug, and over time, it can cause drastic changes in the brain. The length of time a person drinks, and the amount consumed are variables that may have lasting effects. As addiction takes over, it changes the brain in three distinct ways: it begins to crave alcohol, it makes you continue drinkingRead More

That Three Drink Feeling

Warm and fuzzy, confident and happy, social and secure. The drink does for alcoholics what nothing else ever has—unless you’re in recovery. That three drink feeling is something many of us chase, but most of us don’t stop there. That’s the thing with alcoholics—and drug addicts—once we start, we’re like boulders rolling downhill with noRead More

The First Drink Has the Last Say

Many ask themselves, “If I just have two or three, I should be ok, right?” Ten drinks later, they’re pounding their fists on the bar wondering where it all went wrong. It’s too bad they weren’t thinking, “The first drink will cost me my wife, kids, house, job, and sanity. The second drink will onlyRead More

What it Means to “Trust the Process”

One of the last things you may want to hear when you’re trying to get sober is someone telling you to just “trust the process.” What does this even mean? How can anyone expect you to trust something you don’t understand? Well, that is basically what trusting the process means: To have faith in whatRead More

What Is “Wet Brain?”

Wernicke-Korsakoff syndrome, also known as “wet-brain,” was discovered by two psychiatrists, Dr. Wernicke and Dr. Korsakoff. It is caused by long-term alcoholism, and is one of the most tragic consequences an alcoholic may face. Alcohol does a number on the body, and over time, symptoms of illness progressively get worse. Excessive alcohol use leads toRead More