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Beer Goggles May Impair Men’s Sexual Views of Women

A new study out about men under the influence of alcohol has noted that they are more likely to view women as sexual objects after drinking. The study looked at why men objectify women and worked with 49 men in their twenties to discover why it is beer goggles impair men’s judgment of women. TheRead More

Clean vs. Sober: Why NA and AA Have Their Differences

Whether you are a member of Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous, the goal is the same: abstinence and recovery from drugs and alcohol. You may hear some nit-picking of semantics when it comes to saying you’re clean, sober, or clean and sober, but the endgame is living a life free of addiction. Some may argueRead More

How Do I Handle Mourning In Sobriety?

Grief is one of, if not the most uncomfortable and devastating human emotions we all go through at some point in our lives. Loss is inevitable; whether it be a pet, a loved one, a job, or even our drug of choice, when we lose something that was once a part of us, it canRead More