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Support Your Sobriety with These 5 Simple Tasks

Support Your Sobriety with These 5 Simple Tasks

Sobriety requires ongoing effort by people who want to get well. Many recovery activities are challenging and involved intentional effort mentally, physically, and emotionally. People who focus on recovery goals are more likely to see progress happen more quickly. Try these five simple tasks to get started moving in the right direction.

Five Minutes of Gratitude

Ending the day with an exercise in gratitude can help put the pieces of a puzzle together in a good way. Review the day and think on three good things that happened. Reflect on them in the mind and write them down in a journal. Developing an attitude of gratitude leads to optimism, boosts self-control, and brings joy.

Five Minutes of Listening

If a person is working on relationship restoration, it takes intentionality to focus on rebuilding that relationship. Taking five minutes to listen to a spouse, child, or friend can develop a more loving relationship. People take time to connect with each other and it requires spending intentional space with them so they feel heard and listened to. Cultivating relationships that are healthy is key for long-lasting recovery.

Five Minutes of Savoring

If the days are chaotic, it may feel like things are just happening rapid-fire with no slowing down. Spend a few minutes savoring a delicious entree, enjoying a massage, or take in a sunset. Savoring a good experience for just five seconds can add a positive feeling to the long-term memory banks.

Five Minutes of Movement

Getting active is a necessary part of staying mentally healthy and also feeling physically well. In recovery, this is especially important. If a person spends a large part of the day sitting, it is important to get up and move around at least every hour. Take a brief walk, stretch, jog around a track. Finding some simple, frequent exercise breaks can lift a person’s mood and prevent lethargy (which can lead to relapse).

Five Minutes of Meditation

Whatever way this looks for a person, it can help to meditate or pray about things that will bring peace and restore the soul. This can be especially helpful for coping with the turmoil of recovery. Finding people to join in meditation, yoga, or prayer with can also be helpful.

Finding places where you can restore your soul is important in recovery. We will help you get there with our programs and resources designed with your detox and rehab goals in mind. Give us a call  24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401