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How Can I Stop Focusing On What Other People Think?

How Can I Stop Focusing On What Other People Think?

A lot of people think they can control what others think of them by controlling what their bodies look like or how they feel. They believe if they look or act a certain way people will think of them the way they want. There is only one true way to end this crazy way of thinking and that is to not buy into it. It is not about looking the part, it is about becoming a better person inside so that is reflected outwardly. Learn some ways you can stop focusing on what other people think of you and starting owning your life.

Take Ownership

The more you choose your own path, not the path most popular with people, the more people will learn from your example and you will forge new pathways. Women are able to do more now than at any time in history, but men are also making new progress in areas of life that they had not before including flexibility with work and increasing access to parental leave to care for children. This creates equality in relationships with women and also produces a more balanced work economy, among other things.  The main thing you can do to take ownership of your life is to be the kind of person you respect and admire. Rather than think about how to be the kind of person others will like, learn to think like the person you want to admire and strive to be the best version of yourself you can be. Life is too short to waste time trying to get people to like you. It is okay if not everyone likes you. There are millions of people living on the planet, you are bound to find some who find you interesting and engaging and worth investing time into.

How to Progress

When looking ahead to how you can overcome the mindset focused on what others think, you can try the following:

  • Write down your values. Figure out what closely aligns with who you are and what you believe. Don’t compare to others, you can look to see if you are in line with your value system if you know what you are trying to accomplish
  • Write down lifetime goals you want to achieve. If you hate yourself because you ate chocolate cake (again-ugh) then you may start to feel withdrawn and frustrated. Focus on what you want and how to get there. Most things are a process and a journey so you may spend some time to get there but you will be happy when you focus on what feels best for you
  • Let go of other people’s thoughts. If you are out and about and you project your thoughts on other people, you really don’t know what they think so you are only kidding yourself. The only thoughts that you know for sure and which matter to you are those you think about yourself. If people are too busy thinking about themselves to worry too much, then they will sit around thinking about others and that is just boring. Don’t be boring, be an individual.

Let go of second guessing and forge your own path. Everyone thinks the grass is greener, but your grass may be just the right color and height for you. Accept that you cannot do everything but you can do some things really well and embrace those for the journey.

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