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Stop Beating Yourself Up Over Mistakes and Try This Instead

Stop Beating Yourself Up Over Mistakes and Try This Instead

Beating yourself up for mistakes and flows don’t make you perfect they just make you human. It is within our nature to beat the living daylights out of ourselves but it is not necessary and can throw our recovery into chaos. Even if you make mistakes, it is okay to get up and try again. Find out how you can stop beating on yourself and get a forward thinking attitude instead.

Mess Ups Happen

When you try to be perfect, you end up falling far short of glory. That is the fun part of being human is that we can never be perfect enough for ourselves or anyone else. Even if you spend days or weeks trying to get something ‘just right,’ there will always be some kind of flaws with it. Eventually it all becomes too much and you realize that you cannot do this and give up. Maybe it is time to hit the reset button and finally realize mess ups happen and that’s okay.

Tell Someone

The best thing you can do is tell someone you trust that you messed up. Maybe you had a drink, a sip, or tried a bit of marijuana (again). If you’re in a rough place, tell someone. It is okay to let people know you messed up because that is the only way to get back on track again.

Be Kind

The instinct after you make a mistake will be to punish yourself for it. Go to bed early, get enough sleep, go to yoga class, or try other things to destress. If you take care of yourself, you’re less likely to make future mistakes.

It Doesn’t Help

If you repeatedly tell yourself you are a mistake, it sends you spiraling into a shame cycle it is hard to get out of. Correlation with depression, addiction, and eating disorders also goes up when you cannot rid yourself of shame. Realize beating yourself up helps nobody and it is better to learn from your mistakes than kick yourself in the butt.

What you can try instead of beating yourself up is realize your mistake is not as big as it seems and set positive intentions to forgive yourself. You need to learn that you cannot save people, even yourself, unless you let go and forgive yourself. You can have a positive impact in your own life if you let go and let yourself move forward.

You are only as good as you treat yourself. Don’t beat yourself up if you are struggling with addiction. Whether it is the first time or you have struggled time and again, we are a judgment free zone. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401