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Stand Up Paddleboard Foiling Can Challenge Your Mind and Body

Stand Up Paddleboard Foiling Can Challenge Your Mind and Body

Standup paddling (SUP) is a sport unlike any other. It is both challenging and lots of fun, but it can be great to get the mind and body into focus. The newest trend is SUP foiling, sort of like what is used in kiting and windsurfing, only while standing up and paddling. Find out more about this unique sport and how to get started if you want to give it a try.


SUP foiling is basically a miniature underwater airplane attached to a mast that’s connected to the bottom of a boat or board. It has a fuselage, two wings in front and a stabilizer in back that create lift and generate speed from the water’s potential energy. As wind carries an airplane into the air, swell carries a foil through water and after a wave is caught it enables the rider to fly above the surface atop the mast and board. The first foil was invented around the turn of the 20th century and developed over decades as a way to speed up boats. Foil waterskiing followed in the ‘60s and eventually found board sports in kiting, windsurfing, and tow-in surfing.

The Allure

The reason people are attracted to SUP foiling is because of the speed and ability to ride waves that seemed unrideable. A seven-foot foilboard will outpace a 17’ unlimited downwind SUP in any form of wind swell. Tiny waves and rolling swell can be foil surfed with unmatched speed and performance. Elite paddlers can cut trips in half when foilboards are used to travel distances.

Risk vs. Reward

When people are taking to foilboards or SUP on regular boards, it is important to navigate it safely. It can be a great way to incorporate mind, body, and soul experiences while being on the water, away from the challenges of life. There is something about being on the water, about being present to focus on finding peace of mind. Sometimes it is nice to just jump on a board and paddle out into the water, whether it’s a river, a lake, or the open ocean. There are places worldwide who sell foilboards or regular SUP boards for novices. It is nice to try something new after a while of doing stand up paddling.

In recovery from addiction, it can help to mix things up. Stand up paddling or foiling can bring a new challenge that will help you focus on something other than recovery and addiction for awhile. It also has health benefits for your mind, body, and spirit. Give it a try solo or with friends to see if foiling or paddling is the right way for you to relax and unwind.

Recovery is all about trying something new, or seeing life in a new way. The impossible suddenly seems possible. Let us help guide you to the recovery you need to support sobriety. Wherever you are in the journey, call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401