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Signs of Drug and Alcohol Addiction

Are you worried that you or someone you care about is suffering from drug or alcohol addiction? A number of signs point to active addiction. Below are the most common. We encourage you to be honest in identifying these signs.

  • You need increasing amounts of drugs or alcohol to feel the same effect. This is called increased tolerance
  • You’ve tried to stop using drugs or alcohol, but can’t, no matter how much you want to; you’ve tried to limit how much you use, but controlling your intake is extremely difficult
  • You’re preoccupied with drinking or drugs, obsessing about when you’ll get to use it, how you’ll get more and devising ways to hide it
  • Your habit is having a negative effect on your work life, social life or family life
  • You’ve had legal trouble as a result of drugs or alcohol
  • You borrow or steal money to buy drugs or alcohol
  • You steal medications or alcohol from other people’s homes
  • You have trouble meeting your daily obligations, such as going to work or school, or caring for family members
  • You feel sick or strange when the drugs or alcohol wear off, or feel depressed. You may have tremors, nausea, headaches, or be unable to eat or sleep
  • You’re not using prescription medications as directed. You take larger quantities of the drug, or take it more often, than prescribed
  • You use medicine in a way that’s not prescribed, such as crushing and snorting pills
  • You seek out multiple prescriptions for the same drug or problem, from more than one doctor
  • You buy street drugs or alcohol from several sources in order to conceal how much you use
  • You lie about how much you drink or use drugs
  • You hide stashes of drugs or alcohol in your home or car
  • You take prescription drugs with alcohol or street drugs
  • You behave recklessly or drive while under the influence
  • You have blackouts after drinking or using drugs. You wake up in strange or dangerous places, and don’t know how you got there
  • You become violent when under the influence
  • You become unconcerned with your health, personal hygiene or appearance

These are some of the most common signs of drug or alcohol addiction. If you think you have a problem, seek help immediately! Addiction is incurable, progressive and fatal if left untreated. You are not alone, and you do not have to suffer in silence.

Start your journey to recovery today by calling The Serenity Recovery Center for information on our private clinical detox program at the Encino Hospital Medical Center: 866.294.9401