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Signs of a Good Treatment Center

Once you’ve made the decision to get clean and sober, searching for a treatment center can be extremely daunting.  You likely don’t know what aspects to look for and unfortunately some rehabilitation centers only care about money.  A quality treatment center’s primary goal is to help you to get clean and well again, for long term sobriety.  Treatment centers will work with you for payment, but saving your life is their main purpose.  There is a wide range of recovery methods, and dependent on the center you choose and your individual needs, they will develop a personalized care plan just for you.  Each person’s needs vary, and while one person might need a twelve step based treatment center, another may have a greater benefit from intensive behavioral therapy.  Either way, you choose the approach that is best for you.

Addiction is a disease; a medical condition that needs professional monitoring in the beginning.  Several substances can have serious and potentially life threatening withdrawals.  Many treatment centers have an on-site medical detox, which can be crucial to manage those painful withdrawals.  Those that don’t have an on-site detox can usually refer you to a trusted off-site detox center like The Gardens Wellness Center that will work with them when it’s time to transition to a different level of care.

Treatment and recovery is all about helping the sick person to get well.  It is likely that for years those who have become addicted have lied and cheated and caused a lot of hurt to the people around them.  They may even blame their family members or loved ones for their addiction.  Once a person has been in treatment, they will start to see their part in situations and realize other people aren’t to blame for their problems.  

A good treatment center will help families to reconnect by offering family therapy and family programming.  Addiction is called a family disease, because the addict is not the only one whose life has been impacted by the addiction.  Loved ones may feel resentful towards the addict because for so long they, the family, came second to substances.  However, it is possible for families to heal and move forward.  A good treatment center will have family time that is guided by a licensed counselor and they may also offer visiting hours, as well.

Quality treatment facilities want you to get well and they want to see you succeed.  They will do everything they can to set you up for success.  A good treatment center does not want to see you as a patient more than once.  They will want you to come back and show hope to those who are new and support you in any way you need.

The Serenity Recovery Center offers a private clinical detox at the Encino Medical Hospital Medical Center. Start your journey to recovery today by calling 866.294.9401