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Signs and Symptoms of Alcoholism

Many people at some point in their lives ask themselves the question, “Am I an alcoholic?”  People tend to struggle with figuring out what the normal drinking amount should be or what is socially acceptable.  Unfortunately, there truly is not a cut and dry answer to this question.  It is based more upon the big picture of your life and how alcohol potentially interferes with your daily functioning.  

The most significant distinguishing factor of alcoholism would be one’s inability to function throughout the day.  This could include waking up and needing to drink to avoid painful withdrawals or not being able to fight the mental and physical urges to drink.  Alcoholism is defined by being completely chemically dependent on alcohol to function.  Many alcoholics also have a hard time maintaining personal relationships.  No matter how much they care for their loved ones, a drink will usually come first.  This is the cause of many divorces and the reason children can become neglected.  Family members and friends of the alcoholic will express their want for their loved one to cut back or stop drinking, yet despite many efforts they are unable.  When a person is addicted to alcohol, they typically cannot stop on willpower alone.  This is usually when the alcoholic starts lying about their drinking.  They will attempt to hide it in what they think are inconspicuous places, such as mixing it with a soda.  This can lead to life threatening situations such as driving under the influence, because no one but the alcoholic is aware that they have been drinking.

The alcoholic typically tends to drink into oblivion.  There is usually no such thing as stopping for a quick glass of wine after work.  For an alcoholic, one is too many and one thousand is never enough.  In other words, when an alcoholic drinks, which is likely quite often, they get blackout drunk.  They characteristically are unable to care for themselves and likely won’t remember much when it’s over.  Because of this, the alcoholic tends to carry great shame and guilt, which ultimately intensifies the problem and causes a cycle that becomes very hard to break free from.  A person that wants to quit drinking, yet despite their own efforts has not been able to, is likely suffering from alcoholism.  They are chemically dependent on the substance and will likely need professional help to break the cycle.  Fortunately, realizing there is a problem is the first and most important step to overcoming addiction.  

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