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Are There Side Effects From MDMA?

MDMA is a synthetic club drug, commonly referred to as “Molly,” or  “Ecstasy” in older age groups. There are many side effects of the drug, the more common include: sweating, blurred vision, nausea, and sweating. All of these can last for a few days, and up to a week before they subside. Other side effects occur, but they are not discussed. Each is quite serious, and some can even cause death.

The following are five of the most frequently overlooked side effects of MDMA:


MDMA elevates the body’s temperature to dangerous levels, and your body is unable to regulate it back down to a safe temperature.


The pressure of the blood within your arteries rises much higher than it should when MDMA is introduced to your body.

Cardiac Arrhythmias 

Arrhythmias disrupt your normal heartbeat. If it continues, it can be deadly.


Also known as “Rhabdo,” this condition occurs when the skeletal muscles break down rapidly and the proteins leak into your bloodstream. This is a very serious issue and can cause kidney and other organ failure.


This condition occurs when your sodium level drops to abnormal lows. Sodium is an electrolyte that regulates water in and around your cells, so when it drops, that regulation is lost. MDMA makes users extremely thirsty, and many drink so much water that the body simply cannot handle it.

Everyone is different, and you may or may not experience one or all of these side effects, just like the next person. You may have been taking the same type and amount of MDMA over the course of the last year, but suddenly, a switch is hit and your life is forever changed. Just one dose could throw you into cardiac arrest, and the next moment, your family is being notified of your death.

You never really know what is in synthetic drugs like MDMA. Some of the chemicals that it is comprised of can be deadly on their own, but when put together, it’s a ticking time bomb. If you are struggling with an MDMA addiction, we can help. Your life is worth it and your recovery is possible. Don’t wait another day, give us a call and begin your journey toward inner peace and recovery today.

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