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Routines and Rituals

Routines and rituals sound similar, and they are, except for the attitude or motivation behind each. Both are important in recovery because they provide structure. Usually, active addiction means little to no structure. Our days were filled with craving, planning how to get our next fix, drinking or using, and repeating the whole cycle over and over again. If you were functioning enough to partake in any routine or ritual, you most likely didn’t enjoy it. A big part of recovery is learning how to enjoy life, no matter how boring or redundant it may feel at times. You can develop routines that you begin to enjoy. For instance, going to a daily meeting may feel difficult at first, but if you keep going you will want to go because that is where your friends are.

Think about what you enjoy about your daily routine. It could be making your morning coffee, reading or listening to the news, going for a jog, or starting off your day with a nice breakfast. After work, you go to the gym, make dinner, watch your favorite show, and end the day with your bedtime routine. For people in recovery, having a schedule leaves little time for a wandering mind. When the drugs and alcohol are gone, we have to fill our time with things we enjoy as well as things we have to take care of. When you’re in a routine, the stress of thinking about what you need to do next is removed, and you are able to go about your day more efficiently.

Rituals require more thought and focus. Meditation is a ritual for many and it can provide energy, peace, and enjoyment. Reading a book before bed, or lighting candles and taking a warm bath are also enjoyable rituals. You can make your daily life into anything you want it to be, and if you do things you enjoy, activities that were once chores may not feel like it anymore. For instance, if you can’t stand your morning commute, try listening to a podcast you enjoy or a book on tape. We have the ability to adjust our lives to fit our purpose, and sometimes even the smallest tweaks can make all the difference.




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