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Rock Bottom Isn’t Just For Addicts

Anyone who has ever been in recovery or supported a friend or family member has probably heard the phrase “rock bottom”. It’s the lowest point in your morale, when the place you’ve reached is so distressing and overwhelming that you can go absolutely no lower. Life seems to be falling apart.

When it comes to addiction, rock bottom can mean anything from a near-death experience involving the addiction in question to losing a marriage, even legal or financial troubles. It can also mean a mental or emotional breakdown.

Rock bottom is a scary place to find yourself. It can feel as though life, as you know it, is over, and it could get absolutely no worse. A person hitting bottom is usually a huge reality check, especially for those battling an addiction. For family members, their loved one hitting rock bottom can be used as a wake up call to encourage them to get professional help. Just  like no recoveries are the same, everyone’s rock bottom will be different.

Rock bottom isn’t only for those struggling with addiction, however. Anyone can find themselves at a low point in their life. Rock bottom can be the repossession of a vehicle after making poor financial decisions. It can be getting fired, a family emergency, and so much more. Someone’s rock bottom may be breaking up with the person they thought they would marry, especially if the breakup is caused by their actions.

When you feel like you have absolutely no other option than to start fresh, rock bottom may be what’s happening around you. When you reach that point, you have two choices; give up, or do something to help yourself. You just have to figure it out. Whether it’s finally letting a family member drive you to talk to a doctor about an addiction, or eating a ramen-noodles only diet until you’re back in the black in your bank account, you simply do it, whatever ‘it’ is.

The beauty of this is that more people around you may be able to relate than you might think. If you feel like you may have hit rock bottom in your struggle, love yourself enough to turn to someone you trust for help. Ask for help, make the call, do whatever you can to improve your situation, especially if your health is at risk.

Almost everyone will experience a rock bottom point in their life. You’re not alone in your fight, whatever it may be.

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