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Preparing to Transition from Detox to Residential Patient

Detox is only the first step in recovery and is not, itself, treatment. While you may begin therapy and other treatment activities while in detox, rehab is a much longer process. It’s best to go directly from detox to rehab because detox can be difficult and you don’t want to risk backsliding before rehab. Your recovery will go much better if you can immediately consolidate and build on your initial success in detox.

Some facilities incorporate detox into their residential treatment. You would spend your first days or weeks in detox and then move directly into rehab. The transition is pretty seamless. If you are going to a different facility or doing outpatient rehab, you will have to be more involved in your transition. That may mean finding a facility that suits you, finding a therapist, or getting friends and family on board with your recovery.

Rehab won’t begin until withdrawal has mostly passed. You may have received medication to manage withdrawal symptoms. Depending on your situation, you may be able to stop taking them or your doctor may want to wean you off. This process can continue into addiction rehab. The important thing is that you feel well enough to concentrate on recovery.

Treatment is different from detox. Detox is essentially a medical situation. Your body is getting rid of toxic substances in a process that may cause physiological chaos. The staff’s main goal is to keep you as safe and comfortable as possible. Your role in detox is relatively passive.

Once your medical situation is under control and you enter treatment, the emphasis is much different. The emphasis is no longer on keeping you alive and comfortable but rather addressing the issues that got you in detox in the first place. This will require more active participation on your part. Like any change, it will sometimes be uncomfortable. Unlike the discomfort of detox, which you just had to endure, the discomfort of treatment is something you will have to embrace.

Treatment will require you to confront truths about yourself you may not like. You will have to adopt a regular schedule, which may feel constrictive at first. You may have to make an effort to stay open to the process and not become defensive. All these challenges will require a different kind of fortitude than just gritting your teeth through rehab.

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