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Plog Your Way to Better Health (and Save the Environment)

Picking up trash on a hike may not sound like fun, but it is the hottest new trend sweeping the land. This new fitness craze, ‘plogging,’ is making its way across the United States. A mash-up of jogging and the Swedish ‘plocka upp,’ meaning to pick up, people are taking their jogs (and the environment) more seriously as a result. Here are some ways you can plog your way to better health and help the environment.

Taking Action

Plogging is not just for experts in environmental science, anyone can participate. If everyone participated in plogging, it might make the world a more clean, and beautiful, space to enjoy. Being able to make a difference can build a sense of activism for helping out the environment while also getting healthy at the same time. According to Swedish researchers, a half-hour of jogging while picking up trash can burn 288 calories, compared with only 235 calories with just jogging. A brisk walk expends 120 calories. Sometimes people even organize events with friends and family to get everyone in on the action. Social media is filling up with hashtags which encourage plogging your way to health and happiness.

Getting Started

To get started on a new plogging regimen, it is important to follow some simple tips:

  • Anyone can do it
  • Find a place that has significance to you and means something
  • Bring litter bags and a way to carry it (such as a backpack)
  • Look for some litter on the immediate path but also just off the path for some extra calorie burn (and environmental do-gooding)
  • Join a local group if it helps motivate you to jog and plog

Lots of people want to make a difference in the environment but don’t know here to start. Plogging gives people a sense of doing something small in their corner of the world while also getting fit at the same time. Organizations are catching on to the trend and encouraging trash-free communities through events. Doing good for others, and the environment, can encourage a sense of satisfaction and push endorphins through the roof. Doing good for the sake of others can never be in vane when it is done with good intentions and a quick pace down the path.

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