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On the Other Side of Detox is Hope

Detox can be scary. You might have heard nightmare stories about long, painful withdrawal and deep despair. It’s true that sometimes detox can be difficult. Your body has to flush out all the toxins. Your brain chemistry is thrown into total disarray and your physical illness may be compounded by feelings of anxiety and depression.

The most important thing is not to let fear of pain keep you from detoxing. Even if you assume you will have the worst detox possible, with shaking, hallucinations, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, and so on, consider the alternative. Compare a few days or a week of the flu to a lifetime of addiction. If you are considering detox, you are probably already experiencing some negative effects of addiction. You probably realize these effects will only get worse if you don’t get treatment.

Fear of detox keeps a lot of people from getting treatment. You may have tried to stop on your own, only to have the first symptoms of withdrawal scare you into using again. It’s a bad cycle because you’re not doing it because you want to but because you’re afraid to stop.

On the other side of detox is hope. Detox is just the desert you have to cross. It’s the first step toward reclaiming your life and making decisions based on what you want instead of what you fear.

Not only that, the experience will make you stronger. Few people who haven’t struggled with addiction will ever choose such an ordeal for a chance at a better life. By choosing to detox, you choose not to be controlled by fear and you choose to deal with whatever comes. Other choices will be easy by comparison. Maybe it’s hard to start exercising, but it’s not as hard as detox. Maybe it’s hard to ask forgiveness from people you’ve alienated, but it’s not as hard as detox.

Starting is the hardest part. There will always be challenges in recovery but most of those challenges will be more manageable than committing to detox and waiting out the symptoms. For many people the hardest part of detox is the feeling that withdrawal will never end. You have to remind yourself going into detox and while you’re going through withdrawal that no matter what it feels like, it will end. The symptoms will subside. You will gradually start to feel normal again. Best of all, the worst will be behind you and you can start building a better life.

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