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No, You’re Not Broken: Here’s Why

No, You’re Not Broken: Here’s Why

It can be easy to focus on the parts of us that need ‘fixing up,’ or healing. Sometimes it feels like we are irrevocably broken, our souls in tatters to the point of no return. When you become sober and enter recovery, you begin to realize that many other people feel the same way but that is not the only way to live. You can live an ‘unbroken’ life. Find out how you can start to heal those wounds and accept your personal power.

Release the Label

Part of the human experience is a desire to fit in somewhere. That is why community and groups are so powerful. Our families are the first place we are labeled (with a name) and then as we grow we gain more labels like “athletic,” “strong,” “smart,” or on the flip side, “dumb,” “irresponsible,” “lazy.” Whether the labels are positive or negative can impact how you feel about and see yourself as an adult.  Labels are not a helpful way to feel about yourself, it is just a container that serves as a way to box you into something that may not fit you anymore (if it ever did).

Stop Seeking Approval

When we feel like we have been through the minefield of addiction, we start to seek others’ approval. It is like we want to know if we are doing ‘all the right things’ finally, after doing what feels like the wrong things for so many years. This self-imposed ideal that we cannot do anything right follows us into recovery. Of course, there are better ways to live than others. It is not up to others to give their approval for us to feel like we are on the path we are supposed to be on. What we really need to do is stop asking permission from others to be who we are and start living our lives on our terms, sober and in recovery.

Focus on What’s Right

Looking back at your life, and when you were in active addiction, you might ask yourself ‘what is wrong with me?” It can feel easy to qualify your life by what went wrong, rather than what went right. This feeling that you were wild and insatiable in active addiction may not be far from the truth in some people’s eyes, but in recovery you are building a new life. As you work on improving your self worth and rebuilding your self image to yourself and those around you, focus instead on what is right. See yourself for what you have to offer and stop thinking about what you did wrong in the past. All that matters is here and now. You are not your past, and you are not irrevocably broken to the point you cannot be restored. When you stop speaking of yourself in these terms, you will begin to feel more empowered and capable of tackling anything life throws your way.

Recovery is a path of healing. It takes time to get there, but you are on your way if you stop to ask for help. Serenity is here to support your journey, whatever way that looks for you. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401