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No Problem Is More Important Than Me

Addiction has given us our fair share of problems. Many of us have experienced issues in our relationships, finances, career, and family. In our drinking and using, we ran from these problems. When the booze or drugs began to wear off, everything that was wrong in our lives was still there, so we kept reaching for the comfort we found in our drug of choice. Somewhat unknowingly, our continued use was making our existing problems bigger, and creating new ones in the interim. It is a vicious cycle that time only makes worse.

Many of the problems we created in addiction come with us into recovery. No one is thrilled about facing the wreckage of the past, but it is necessary for recovery. The good news about this, is that we’re not creating more problems, and we can begin righting our wrongs. As we are going along in our recovery, we’re likely to encounter situations that feel daunting or frightening. Problems may seem enormous and overwhelming. When it feels like this, remember what you just survived. Not everyone lives through their addiction, and for those that do, we are the lucky ones. No problem you encounter, will ever be more important than you and your recovery.

Your sobriety must come first. If you’re not going to your regular meetings because of problems at work, you need to get back on track. If your family is less than understanding about what you need to do for your recovery, gently remind them that addiction is a disease and you are doing what you must to treat it. If you have gone through a breakup, and you catch yourself isolating, come back to your tribe. These problems are minuscule compared to those you will have if you drink or use again. If you start letting other problems take precedence over the problem of addiction, you’re in trouble. Never forget where your addiction took you. Everything you have now, will disappear if you prioritize anything else before sobriety.

Put yourself first, and call the Serenity Recovery Center. You don’t have to keep struggling with addiction. Our detox center is designed with you in mind. You will be cared for, safe, and kept as comfortable as possible. You are not alone in this. We are available 24/7, toll-free at (844-339-6964). We do recover, and your life will change. Call today.