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Nature Can Help Recovery: How to Get Started

Nature Can Help Recovery: How to Get Started

Spending time in nature can be very healing and cathartic. If people enter recovery from addiction, it helps to get outside. Being indoors too much can build feelings of isolation, even triggers which build as a result of being cooped up inside. Being outdoors is a habit that can build and become very enjoyable. Learn more about how to incorporate this into a recovery routine.

Nature’s Benefits

Some of the best benefits in recovery come from the natural world at our fingertips. Many people are too busy to take advantage of it, but there are many reasons to incorporate it into a daily routine:

  • Spending time outdoors leads to improvements in mental health and even boosts mood
  • Going outside can help energize people physically
  • Concentration and mental alertness build as a person seeks nature experiences
  • Wounds can heal faster with nature, which is why natural, holistic healing practices are making a comeback as well as utilizing plants in recovery rooms at hospitals
  • Being outside can help people sleep better at night

Risks of Staying Indoors

Some people are not as drawn to the out-of-doors and others are just not sure where to start so they stay inside. There are some risks in recovery to staying indoors too much, including:

  • Feeling bored and trapped, which may trigger relapse
  • Lack of sunlight can lead to Vitamin D deficiency
  • People who get too much time indoors tend to sit more, become sedentary, and harm their health
  • Insomnia is a very real challenge for people who are inside too much
  • Loneliness can be a trigger for relapse, due to spending too much time indoors

Tips to Get Started

To truly enjoy the benefits of nature, it is not necessary to make huge life changes. It can be helpful to spend time outdoors by taking up some hobbies to begin:

  • Gardening or outdoor activities around the house
  • Read outside rather than indoors
  • Go for a walk each day
  • Get outside on lunch breaks
  • Walk or cycle to work (alternate transport to a car helps meet others as well)
  • Outdoor photography, art, or other lessons
  • Jogging or running
  • Walking a pet (or getting a pet that needs walking like a dog)

There are myriad ways to get outside. It all depends on a person’s personality and what brings them joy. Finding an activity which brings joy can help build a sense of purpose and desire to continue seeing this new activity take root and grow in the future, which can help build a positive mindset in recovery.

Being outdoors is helpful to recovery, but only if you enjoy it. Try seeking spaces to do it in solitude as well as with others who may enjoy the fresh air as much as you do. We are here to help you recover from addiction and seek resources needed to keep you clean and sober.  Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401