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My Skin Is Uncomfortable

Most people in recovery can relate to the feeling of wanting to run and hide when any inkling of your true self is exposed. Addiction covered our true selves up, and swathed us in layers of numb comfort that no one could peel away. Some will say that they felt uncomfortable long before they drank or used, but once they took in a chemical, the world just felt right. This is why many of us continued to pour drugs or alcohol on those uncomfortable feelings until we really didn’t feel anything. Take away the drugs and alcohol and we’re right back to not knowing who we really are, which is why we are uncomfortable in our own skin.

Early sobriety is awkward, there’s no doubt about it. Just like adolescence, it’s a period of growth we all go through, and it’s filled with new experiences we aren’t yet familiar with. Most of us were isolated in our addiction, and being around other people when we get sober can feel uncomfortable. You may feel naked without a drink in social situations, and you are not alone in this. It takes time and space between your last drink or drug to start being okay with where your feet are. It’s completely normal to feel weird in early sobriety. You’re new, everything is raw, and you’re finally finding out who you really are. It doesn’t happen overnight, but it will get easier.

If you’ve ever had the notion that who you really are is who you are when you’re drinking or using, you’re wrong. Chemicals change us and alter our state of mind. As addicts and alcoholics, we came to prefer ourselves in that state. Being drunk or high may have felt like that was the only way we could connect with the world, when it truth, it cut us off from everything worthwhile and threw some dirt on our souls. Fast forward to now, and your sobriety—you are slowly washing off that dirt. Be patient with yourself. Feeling uncomfortable in your skin is only temporary. Stick around and see what happens, you may be pleasantly surprised.

If you are living in addiction, we can help. Call the Serenity Recovery Center, and begin your own journey into recovery. Your life can change, and it can get better. Give us a call, we are available 24/7, toll-free at (844-339-6964). Recovery is possible. Give yourself a chance to heal, and call us today.