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Moderation and Addiction: A Myth?

If alcoholics and addicts knew how to moderate their drinking and drugging, would addiction even exist? The answer seems fairly obvious, because no one who has been in the throes of addiction would ever choose that lifestyle. If it were possible for those of us with the disease of addiction to have “only one” then we wouldn’t have had to experience the absolute devastation that this disease has caused us and our families.

There are some groups who promote the moderation of drugs and alcohol. Ideas such as drinking “x” amount of drinks per week, or only smoking “x” amount of joints, to ward off addiction. If a true alcoholic or addict could limit themselves, would there even be an addiction problem? The disease of addiction does not afford the addict or alcoholic the choice to limit themselves, plain and simple. If you are able to control your drinking and using, you might not be an alcoholic or an addict. Many of us have tried to limit our drinking and using, and the result was misery.

The mere suggestion that we could moderate our usage is dangerous. We are already fighting a daily battle to stay alive, and to have ideas thrown at us that we could go back out and drink or use like a normal person is frightening. Any real addict or alcoholic who has tried to moderate and failed miserably, knows the risk of believing the lies our addicted brains so want us to listen to and believe. There may be a few who have successfully been able to moderate their use, but the question remains, are they true addicts or alcoholics?

If you have tried to cut back, manage, or measure your drinking and using to no avail, there is hope for you yet. With the assistance of treatment, it is possible to live a life without drugs and alcohol. The illusion that moderating the consumption of these chemicals for an addict or alcoholic can be deadly. If you are ready to stop the insanity of trying to drink or use like a normal person, we can help. Give us a call, we can help you transition into recovery safely and in the most comfortable way possible.

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