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Mindfulness is Trendy So Why Should You Care?

New research into mindfulness is suggesting a huge growth over the past decade. Even though other happiness-boosting strategies, such as positive thinking, are growing in popularity, rates are not even close to the same as mindfulness. Learn why mindfulness is so trendy now and why you should care.

When Mindfulness Hurts

Mindfulness can be a difficult journey for some people, especially newbies. Other research suggests mindfulness may even be harmful to people who have intense negative emotions. Heightened awareness of emotions when a person has PTSD or poor emotional regulation can have negative consequences. Mindfulness may not work as well or as quickly as other strategies to build happiness.

More Trendy, Less Benefits

Mindfulness originally was meant to foster social harmony and compassion. The western concept of mindfulness has become self-indulgent, absent of its Buddhist intentions to cultivate interconnectedness. The most common way to practice it seems to be via app or on the internet, which is contradictory to the original concept. The irony is that interconnectedness has many benefits, particularly in recovery from addiction. Mindfulness cannot have the same positive impact as it is meant to when the original concept is not followed. It may be trendy, but it may also have less positive benefits overall.

Becoming More Mindful

There is still much evidence to support mindfulness as being a healthy alternative to other positive mindset concepts. It can lead to overall improved well-being, with or without the original Buddhist intentions. Interconnectedness, social harmony, and compassion are great ideals but you can meditate and have quiet spaces to find fulfillment any time day or night. Find a quiet space that works for you and go there with some intention every day for fifteen to thirty minutes. Make it a goal to spend that time quieting the mind, ridding it of any over zealous thoughts or negative feelings and just be present to yourself. If you can do that, you will surely find some benefits to your overall health than if you skipped it altogether. You owe it to yourself to spend time in recovery trying different practices that will help you not only become a better person, but more aware, and socially connected as well.

Mindfulness is a journey the heart, mind, and soul make together. If you are struggling in recovery, mindfulness can help. However, the grip of addiction does not always respond to sheer willpower or desire to quit. You may need extra support to detox and treat underlying causes of addiction. Call Serenity to find out how we can help fight the battle with you. Call us 24/7 to seek help now: 844-339-6964