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Living in the Now

You can’t live in the present if you have one foot in the past and the other in the future. We can’t change the past, and there’s not a whole lot we can do about the future, which leaves us with today. As addicts and alcoholics, we have a hard time getting over our past. Granted, addiction caused us to do things we would never imagine doing sober, so the carryover of emotions from our past actions is understandable. We do however, have to learn to forgive ourselves and keep doing the next right thing. Each time we do the right thing, the next option comes, and our lives gradually improve on a daily basis.

No one on earth is guaranteed a tomorrow. A tragic accident could happen to anyone at any time, and it would be another life cut short. There isn’t much we can do about what is in store for us, but we can do something about today. If you choose to not drink or use today, there is a fairly good chance that you will wake up without a hangover tomorrow. If you do pick up, you have no clue what will happen. Drugs and alcohol are unpredictable chemicals that can alter your future forever, and it’s not worth finding out how, today.

Another thing you can do about today, is work to make your past right. There are some people to which we owe apologies. There are others that by living our lives sober, we make a living amends. We tend to not make the same mistakes we did when we were loaded, so we don’t continue adding to our shame and remorse from times past. By making things right today, we begin to forgive ourselves, and others do, too. Just stay in the now; you have a good life to live in sobriety, and there’s no use dwelling on the past. As long as you keep your side of the street clean, don’t worry about what other people are doing, not doing, or what they’re thinking.

If you’re drinking or using today, we can help you have a better tomorrow. You don’t need to keep living in addiction, day in and day out. The Serenity Recovery Center offers a state-of-the-art private detox that will softly and comfortably transition you into recovery. You can recover, and your life can change, but you have to call us.

Don’t put your future on hold another day. Pick up the phone, we are available toll-free at (844-339-6964). Recovery begins when the past and the future are set aside, and the now is the driving force in your life.