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Life Skills You Start Gaining as Soon as You Get Sober

The act of getting sober is life-changing, and can be felt almost instantly. Once the booze and drugs are removed, physiological and psychological changes begin taking place, and we begin to adapt. As soon as your mind starts to clear, your perspective shifts, and you start learning what it feels like and what it means to be sober.

As addicts and alcoholics, we’re not very good at life. We don’t really know how to deal with stress, disappointment, happiness, and fear. The best way we knew how to cope with these things ended up being the worst possible way to go about living our lives, and landed most of us in a lot of trouble. Whether the trouble involved the law, relationships, career, or health, we were really good at taking ourselves past the point of excess. When we sober up, we learn how to slow down, breathe, and just be. At least a little, anyway.

In active addiction, simple everyday tasks like grocery shopping, doctor appointments, healthy eating, exercise, and paying bills may have been foreign. As we stay in recovery, we learn to do these things without chemical assistance. We also learn how to be around people again. This could be one of the hardest skills we re-learn as so many of us isolated to the point of solitude. With practice, we adjust to living in society as productive members, and eventually, we even begin helping others to do the same.

Treatment is a jump start to learning the life skills necessary to live a productive life in recovery. From dealing with anxiety to coping with relationship issues, patients are given the tools to handle situations that will inevitably cross their paths in sobriety. The basics, such as creating and maintaining a routine, hygiene, nutrition, and stress and anger management are key not only for living life, but in preventing relapse. Treatment also teaches the importance of building and maintaining healthy relationships, and avoiding those that are detrimental to our mental health.

Choosing to live life in recovery is a giant leap of faith in knowing that life can change for the better. If you are struggling with addiction, you don’t have to any longer. We will teach you the skills you need to live life to your fullest potential, without drugs and alcohol. Recovery is possible, and we can help you get there safely and comfortably.

Clinical detox can come with the comforts of home. Serenity Recovery Center is the answer to your detox needs. Creating a modern and comfortable environment, our program offers the best practices for safety and compassion during withdrawals. Call us today for information on our program at the Encino Hospital Medical Center: 866.294.9401