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Life Skills and Emotional Skills Side By Side

Success in recovery looks different for everyone.  Some of us just want be a better communicator.  Others want to be able to find housing and a job.  Addicts need to be able to cope with day to day life.  Through this journey you will develop emotional skills and life skills.  Both of these categories are important and need special focus.  

Emotional skills are taught directly and learned indirectly.  Children follow cues from their parents and loved ones.  Addicts are taught to control their emotions with coping activities and therapy.  However these skills are learned, they will help in getting along with your environment.  Expressing yourself to someone and understanding their emotions is very important in any relationship.  Building relationships brings us to our new lives and this begins the climb of the ladder of success.  There will be no hiding from embarrassment or bursting out in rage.  Confidence will return and communication will get better.  

Life skills are similar in the learning aspect.  They are taught and learned just as the emotional skills are.  Parenting skills, time management, study skills, are examples of needed tools throughout life.  When a college student isn’t very good at studying, they have to work harder at learning, it is self-taught.  If a parent stops yelling and starts connecting with their kids, they will build a better life for their families, and this is taught through therapy.  These are skills that will aid in success for the student and the parent.  

Life skills are tools that will help you succeed in different aspects of your life.  Without emotional skills, you cannot focus on building your life skills.  The willingness to learn new trades and techniques requires persistence.  Both categories lean on one another.  

Without emotional skills, we find ourselves overwhelmed and anxious, or very stressed and angry.  If we can keep our emotions in check, then we can focus on building life skills.  When we master a few life skills we will advance in different areas of our life.  Both categories will need to be taken care of in order to succeed in recovery.  One is just as important as the other.

While being taught in treatment, try to be patient with yourself.  Experiencing these tools in recovery is a great way to practice.  Once you start your new life these tools will be extremely handy in controlling yourself, which handles your emotions, and gaining control of your life, turning life skills into success.  

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