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Learn How to Tap Into Your Five Senses in Recovery

Learn How to Tap Into Your Five Senses in Recovery

Many people don’t stop to think about how all the five senses work together to help us think, breathe, and experience life. You never know when you might struggle with something and realize that if you tapped into your five senses, it could help bring focus and clarity.

The Five Senses

When we are hit by a crisis, our brain and body don’t always navigate inward for help. We often turn to the external to cope, such as drugs or alcohol. It takes practice to focus on our inner strength and how to cope with challenges using what we have been given. The five senses can help tap into our inner potential and keep us from going off the rails in recovery:

  • Hearing: think about what kind of music soothes you and brings peace. When you have anxious thoughts, or feelings, and are searching for peace, music can help you think more clearly. It can also lower anxiety and stress.
  • Sight: think about what you love to look at that brings you joy, inspiration, and calmness. Recovery is a challenge because senses are heightened. Pay attention to what you notice with colors, certain sights that intrigue you or even foods that are appealing visually. Taking a moment to look around you can really bring a sense of heightened awareness that takes focus of your overworked brain for a time.
  • Touch: everyone has a sense of what they like in terms of touch and texture. Perhaps petting a cat, touching a dog’s fur, clothing fabrics, or the touch from a loved one that has meaning. Touch can help heal people and also brings anxiety down. If you are feeling triggered, it can help to even touch the earth outside such as grass or dirt. Hiking, gardening, and being in nature can be meditative and healing.
  • Taste. Think about what tastes you like, what flavors entice you and what brings joy. Find foods you like that bring up good memories and try cooking food at home that evokes these memories or find new flavors to try. Cooking is also meditative and healing.
  • Smells. Think about what aromas you like, what arouses your sense of peace. There are essential oils now which, when diffused or used on the body, can bring peace and calming, or even healing. Aromatherapists work with people to bring healing and support the senses but you can go outside, sniff around and even think about what smells make you feel at home or peace when you are feeling lonely or exhausted.

The one thing you want to avoid in recovery is becoming ungrounded. This happens when you experience an adverse event or circumstance and struggle to cope. When you tap into your five senses, it opens up a whole new world for you to explore.

Your five senses may just save you from yourself in times of trouble. Don’t discount what your body is telling you. If you think you need help to recover from addiction, call us. Our programs and services are designed to support your journey, whatever way it looks. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401