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It Takes What it Takes: The Painful Truth About Recovery

It Takes What it Takes: The Painful Truth About Recovery

There is a true pattern of recovery that goes something like this: rock bottom, acceptance, gratitude. This is not necessarily true for everyone, it is a baseline of what the experience of seeking recovery from addiction feels like for some people. The reality is very different for each individual but one universal truth remains. It really takes what it takes, that is all there is to it.

Painful Truth

Moments of clarity are often mistaken for a rock bottom hit. Clarity of mind is really a hard dose of reality bursting through your consciousness. It can be a terrible fight, a hospital stay, a stint in jail. It looks different for everyone, but moments of clarity hit us all square between the eyes at some point. When they do, watch out. It is going to hurt. You may even want to turn and run the other way, but the painful truth is you can never recover from addiction if you keep running from yourself.

Rock Bottom Blues

Hitting the bottom of the barrel makes us feel like desperately shutting everything out. We convince ourselves that it is fine, it didn’t happen, or the thing we want to avoid thinking about was never really our fault anyway. During these years, we start to see a therapist, get a friend, read books or get creative. A conversation turns into an unexpected experience of understanding. Our heart softens towards the idea that maybe, just maybe, it is finally time to admit the truth to ourselves.


Finally ‘getting it,’ or accepting the truth as it is means seeing reality. We want to be able to say ‘I did it,’ but we don’t know how to get started. We might be compelled to try all other possible ways and solutions, except there is only one way from here to there. When we watched a loved one experience addiction hit rock bottom, we want to reach out and help (again) but if they hit hard enough, they will finally say ‘it takes what it takes, and this is it.’ This acceptance, in this moment, is what they need to finally see the light and seek help. Acceptance is a place that needs to happen again and again. It is a spectrum depending on the time of day, the month, the year. It might mean hitting rock bottom again before we finally get it. Learning to lean on ourselves and others as well as a higher power can help us figure out how to accept the true reality, that we need help, and we cannot do it alone. This is where gratitude sneaks in to give us the extra boost we need to hit the recovery path and put addiction in the rearview mirror, where it belongs.

Getting on the recovery path is difficult without first accepting you need help. If you are in a place of admitting you need help, let us help. Whatever you need, we have the programs and resources to support your journey.  Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401