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Is My Patient An Addict?

Is My Patient An Addict?

After observing your patient for sometime, you are quite sure that they have become addicted to drugs and/or alcohol. The signs are all there. They look sickly, they are not cognitively present, and their behavioral mannerisms have changed entirely. You’re aware of the circumstances of their life, which may or may not be contributing factors to an addiction. Despite your attempts to treat your patient, help your patient, or encourage your patient to better their lives, their addiction continues to worsen.

Even as professionals it can be hard not to take our “failed” attempts at changing a life personally. We are but human, though we have degrees, doctorates, and impressive job titles. At some point, we may slip into fallible judgment and shame or pick up the negative messages of stigmatization regarding addiction. Our patients become addicts. Worse, our patients become helpless, hopeless “addicts”. There’s nothing left we can do to treat them.

Professionals feel a tremendous amount of pressure to provide the best possible services to their patients or clients and help them achieve a better life. In an age of growing addiction, staggering statistics of overdose, and complications due to severe alcohol abuse, we have to realize that sometimes, our ability to help someone is out of our hands. Chemical dependency is not a light subject or one that can be turned around quickly. Overcoming the obstacle of withdrawing from drugs and/or alcohol is no easy feat. The best thing we can do is urge our patients to enter a detox facility and get the professional care, clinical excellence, and safety they need to free themselves from toxins and begin a path toward a better life. At a detox facility, our patients will be monitored, regularly checked on, and be at little risk of complications which can result from detoxing at home. Until they can liberate their systems from the harmful toxins of drugs and alcohol, there is nothing we can do to help them change their lives. Once they are clean again, a new path can start.

Your patient is not an “addict”. They are not bad individuals who need to “get over it”, whatever it is, and “clean up their act”. Your patient is not a degenerate, a criminal, or insane. Your patient did not choose to become addicted to drugs and alcohol. Though they persisted in abuse, or if addiction happened to them overtime, their goal was never to become “this way”. Rather, your patient was falling for a magician’s greatest illusion: smoke and mirrors. What drugs and alcohol provide is an excuse, an escape, and a form of pain prevention on many levels. Your patient is not an “addict”. Instead, your patient is a person, a human being who is as deserving of every last chance at healing possible, just like anyone else. Our job as care providers and practitioners is to help our patients live their best lives. An addiction is never a determining factor in which patients achieve that or not.

If you have a patient who is struggling with substance addiction, detox will be the necessary first step toward their recovery. Serenity Detox is a renowned withdrawal facility located within the Encino Hospital. We provide the comforts of home while ensuring a safe and sustainable withdrawals from drugs and alcohol. Call us today to learn more about the detox services we provide and how we can help your patient today. 866-294-9401.