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Is it Time for Millennials to Get Serious About Mental Health?

Is it Time for Millennials to Get Serious About Mental Health?

Mental health is never easy for anyone to talk about, especially young adults who think it may not be a big deal. One in five young people have experienced depression. Having mental health issues can feel overwhelming, especially if you are not sure where to go or how to handle it. Perhaps it is past due time to finally take it seriously.


There is largely still a stigma around mental health issues. It is hard to get past it because so many people think that it is too hard or not possible to share and feel supported around mental health issues. The problem with this mindset is that it keeps people from seeking the help they need. If even one person seems to suggest they don’t need help or make the wrong kind of comment, it can change the trajectory of that person’s life. Through sharing stories and challenges, it can help to unburden the stigma and support a better healing journey. We need to be able to start the conversations, release the shame and tell stigma its time is up.

Not Alone

Anyone who struggles with mental health issues can attest to the fact it feels like a dark, lonely road to be on. Depression, anxiety, fear, social phobias, whatever it is can feel overwhelming mentally, physically, and spiritually. Everyone of all demographics is susceptible to its ravages, not just young people.  Millennials especially struggle to release the stigma and shame around seeking help because it seems like you should be able to just prop yourself up and keep going. You have your whole life ahead, after all. There are so many factors in why people struggle with mental illness so it is of no help to offer platitudes, advice, or the wrong kind of help when what a person may need is a trained therapist and someone who can support them the way they need.

Role of Social Media

“Reality TV” is not quite so much like this, but is it even entertaining to watch other people struggling. The sad truth is that social media comparison is a tragic reality for so many people that exacerbates depression and anxious tendencies. When we compare our social media feed to our own, we feel worse about the state of our lives and accomplishments.  All the sudden a trip to Thailand may look like nothing compared to someone else’s bucket list items. Finding yourself in that trap can be really damaging to self-esteem and self worth.

How to get out of the trap:

  • Release comparisons to others
  • Take your mental health seriously
  • Seek help from trained therapists who understand mental health issues
  • Build community around yourself for support

Doing these four things to start can help put you on the best road possible to recovery from mental health issues. It is about digging deeper, uncovering the layers, and releasing it into the light which will support your journey forward into healing.

To be released of the shame and stigma around mental health issues is to feel like you have found a type of freedom you never knew before. We help you experience that freedom with our trained therapists and support services designed to help you recover from addiction and mental health issues in a safe space. We will help you find what you need. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 866-294-9401