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Is Controlled Drinking a Viable Solution for Alcohol Addiction?

Is Controlled Drinking a Viable Solution for Alcohol Addiction?

One of the hardest things for a person in sobriety to deal with is the notion drinking or using drugs is not off the table – for good. After many years of using alcohol or drugs to numb out, you are now being asked to stop it, stop being around the people who did it, and even stop being around the same places you used to hang out. So, you might think maybe just a drink or so here or there won’t do harm. You may be right, but you may also be headed for disaster if you think controlled drinking is a viable solution to addiction to alcoholism.

Letting Go

One common idea for many people facing sobriety after alcohol addiction is letting go of the bottle. Some people have no problem with it after awhile, they are used to it, and it doesn’t bother them. Others believe they can carry on having a drink here or there as long as it does not impact their behavior. The idea ‘one day i’ll be able to drink,’ can wreak havoc on your recovery. Fantasizing about wanting to drink is a sign you need help in recovery but it is not the end of everything. There is still hope to keep you sober.

Stop Convincing Yourself

Once you are addicted to alcohol, you will always struggle to remain sober. That is the truth. You can try to convince yourself of just about anything but even after treatment, sober living, transitional housing, or becoming clean, you are still in recovery from addiction to alcohol. Whatever roads brought you to this moment, you do not want to go back down them and slip into addiction again. There is a high probability you may slip down the rabbit hole and never climb out. Although it is scary to think you can’t drink anymore, it’s more scary to think you may get stuck in addiction and keep drinking.

Anyone who is not struggling with addiction would not seek out mind altering substances to cope with life. A person with addiction does so obsessively because they’re drawn to it. The main purpose of recovery is to find a way of letting go of old habits and mindsets that keep you in addiction. If you are going to remain focused on whether or not you can ever drink again, you just might end up drinking again, but never finding your way out. Don’t go there. Not now, not ever. Controlled drinking is a phenomena only people with addiction even consider as a possibility. Don’t risk your sobriety, health, and even life just for one more drink. You and your life are more valuable than that.

If you are having thoughts of drinking again, stop. Call us right now. We are open 24/7 and will help you get realigned with recovery and set you on the right path again. Sobriety is not a game, it is your life. Don’t risk it by taking one more drink or even thinking that it’s possible. Call now:  844-339-6964