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Is Binge Drinking the Same as Alcoholism?

Binge drinking takes a huge toll on the body. Overindulging in alcohol is actually the reason tens of thousands of people die each year. It is also the third leading cause of preventable deaths. Knowing some of the surprising signs a person may be drinking too much can help identify whether you are binge drinking or have an alcohol problem.

Taking Big Risks

Getting drunk can cause you to act out of character in ways you might never do, including embarrassing episodes at the company holiday party or sliding behind the wheel after a few too many drinks. You might be a person who has done everything right but that one occasion can change your life (and maybe others) forever. Alcohol is to blame for approximately 60% of fatal burn injuries, drownings, and 40% of fatal falls and car accidents. Sexual assaults also rise with the increase of binge drinking behavior.

Weekend Warrior Syndrome

Maybe you don’t drink on a daily basis, but you hit it hard and heavy come Friday at 5 PM. while you may not think it is a red flag, having multiple drinks in a row and over a short period of time can raise blood pressure, boost risk of cancer, and cause long term health risks. Esophageal bleeding can also occur.

No Limits

If you are not happy with just one drink at happy hour and need two, four, or even six drinks without feeling the effects, this may be a sign of binge drinking problems. Alcoholism is not defined by how you drink so much as the way you drink. Drinking without limits can put yourself at risk. Drinking may slide out of control gradually and seem just like a force of habit but it may be time to reign yourself in if you find that drinking multiple drinks in a row on a frequent basis is just another average good old time to you.

Black Out

Alcohol impacts everyone differently but heavy drinking can universally affect memory by disrupting a key brain messenger linked to recall called glutamate. Some of the signs of blacking out after drinking include:

  • Forgetting parts of the night before
  • Friends remind you of things you can’t recall
  • Waking up with a stranger not knowing how you got there
  • Having foggy recall of last night’s events

Slacking Off

Drinking is a problem, binge drinking or not, when you notice subtle shifts in your own or someone else’s behavior. Maybe you normally clock in on time to work, do your job well, and go home to relax. Now, you are showing up later and later, the work is piling up, and your boss is after you to meet deadlines that keep getting passed up. If you ignore personal health and work life because of drinking, you may have a problem.

Binge drinking behavior, drinking too much and getting hangovers frequently, or not feeling the effects of how much you drink are all signs of alcoholism. Whichever way you want to look at it, the problem starts and ends with you (or a loved one). It may be time to seek help before it wreaks further havoc on yours or someone else’s life.

Binge drinking is just one of many ways people slip into addiction with alcohol. It is not any easier or better to overcome binge drinking behavior than other types of drinking problems. The challenge rests in finding a place you can get help and recover. Serenity Recovery Center will help you detox, get treatment, and move forward in recovery. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 844-339-6964