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Is An Online Addiction Program a Good Thing?

Is An Online Addiction Program a Good Thing?

The internet can be a powerful place to go when looking for everything from hobbies to support for a difficult journey through addiction. A comprehensive recovery program may include inpatient intake, counseling, treatments, therapy, support groups, and other things which are not available online. Find out more about addiction programs online and whether this may be a good fit for people seeking help in recovery.

Online Addiction Programs

People are different. They are not going to need the same treatment programs. When taking part in a program, it may help to understand what is available and how they help people navigate recovery. Here are just a few available:

  • Computer-Based Training for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Focused on psychological effects of addiction, the Computer-Based Training for Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is a newer online treatment program. It uses the same practices as face-to-face CBT, where individuals alter their negative thoughts into positive ones. It is a great alternative for those in remote areas, far from addictions counselors. It will help you recognize triggers, guide you in making decisions with quizzes and real life examples, and help identify potentially harmful situations.
  • Self-Management and Recovery Training (SMART). This program was developed to help people become empowered with tools that support overcoming addiction. SMART may be used for a wide range of addictions including substance abuse, alcohol abuse, behavioral, and problem addictions. You can take your SMART handbook and toolbox on the go with a tablet or mobile device. It helps people focus on building and maintaining motivation, coping with urges, managing emotions, and living a balanced life.
  • Life Process Program. This program is available online and offers recovery services for drug and alcohol addiction. Course materials are available on any device and may be completed at a person’s own pace. Each program tailors its exercise and modules to specific types of addiction. When combined with treatment methods, the Life Process Program encourages long-term recovery and healing.

Overcoming addiction starts with you. Recovery does not happen overnight. Every goal and step in the process takes time and commitment. Online treatment methods are one piece of the puzzle needed to regain control of life again. Finding the right fit for help can take time so it makes sense to look at all the options and decide from there what will be the smartest next step in recovery.

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