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If You’ve Only Developed a Tolerance, You Might Still Have Detox Symptoms

When it comes to detox symptoms, no person is the same. The pathway to addiction begins with tolerance, which moves into dependence and addiction. Tolerance refers to a person’s diminished response to drugs or alcohol due to repetitive use. For example, if you were prescribed three to four Percocet a day for a back injury, but are not experiencing the relief you felt when you first began taking them, you have developed a tolerance.

Since you are not feeling much relief from the originally prescribed amount, you may begin taking more. This is where dependence sneaks in. Your body adapts to the Percocet, and if you stop cold turkey, or don’t take the amount to which your body is accustomed, you will feel withdrawal symptoms. As you may imagine, the line between tolerance and dependence is a thin line, and varies with each person.

Abruptly stopping the use of drugs and alcohol can be extremely dangerous, and even deadly. In particular, ceasing the use of benzodiazepines or alcohol can lead to fatal consequences. Medical detox gradually tapers you off the substance, which lessens the shock your body experiences when the drug leaves your system. If you are unsure whether you have only built a tolerance, or if you are dependent on the substance, your safest bet is a medically supervised detox.

If you have not experienced any unpleasant symptoms while missing doses or abruptly stopping, withdrawal symptoms can still present hours and even days later. Bottom line, it’s hard to say whether you will experience withdrawal, and finding out on your own can be dangerous. If you’ve ever gone on a weekend bender, and awoke Monday morning to shakes, nausea, diarrhea, and sweats, you are experiencing symptoms of withdrawal. The likelihood of experiencing those symptoms and more after having a built up tolerance and possible dependence, is fairly high.

If you were to stop drinking or using on your own, you risk severe withdrawal symptoms that can show up anywhere from hours, up to 10 days later. You may feel ok, but three days later, a grand mal seizure hits, and you are in big trouble. Medical detox is a safer and more comfortable method to coming off your drug of choice. It’s not worth the risk, your health, and your life to experiment on your own. We are here to help you. Give us a call today, so you can begin moving forward with your life tomorrow.


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