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How to Keep Yourself Busy When You’re Newly Sober

It will feel very silly at first.  Sitting down to play games, draw and paint.  These are baby steps to real life coping skills. Simple tasks and busy work will feel like a waste of time at first, but then it will be a feeling of content.  Letting your mind focus on a task, doesn’t just distract you, but it will train your thinking pattern.  Having a calm environment, and slowing your heart rate, will help in being clear minded and making better decisions.

Having a clear head is important while trying to figure out a problem.  Being able to let something go, for a short period of time, makes it feel a little less intense.  Breathing exercises calm the body and slow the mind.  This tool will help in distressed times.

Drawing, painting, doing any kind of crafts, will build creativity.  This is a skill that helps problem solving.  Making quick decisions can change your path from recovery to relapse very quickly.  Having creativity on your side may help you make the better decision.  Art also gives us something to be proud of.  Pride will play a large role in recovery.  Being proud of a creation, versus having too much pride, will give us a better sense of positive thinking.

Journaling is a great way to express yourself.  A journal is a safe place to get all the cobwebs out and focus on the real issue.  Writing out a story from beginning to end may give you a different ending, then you can decide which path to take.  Say you get into an argument with a loved one, it is better to spill your words out on paper instead of on them.  Then when you speak again, it won’t be all the extra feelings, it will just be the point you were trying to make.

Clean house or clean yourself, either way, you will feel better than you did.  Cleansing habits are positive.  The more positive feelings you can put in your life after treatment, the better off you will be with feeling sober.  Depending on your beliefs, it is said to ‘clean the soul’, too.

Staying busy is very important in recovery.  It gives you ways create a new life.  A better more positive one.  Skills are tools, so keep your toolbox full and your hearts big.  

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