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peace with yourself

How to Finally Be at Peace with Yourself

Finding peace with who you are now is one of the great challenges of recovery. Even if other people are not evolving into more enlightened versions of themselves and suddenly becoming sober, you still have control over only yourself. When old friendships and relationships don’t seem to serve you any longer, it can feel difficult to figure out why. It may just be you are not that person anymore and the sober you has taken the helm.

Leave the Past Behind

Building a solid, sober support system, is a key to moving forward in recovery. Making peace with yourself is as much about letting go as about dealing with the stuff that brought you to this point. Past friends and relationships will try to jump up and bite you on the butt when you are not looking. It’s okay, it happens in recovery. The key is not to let it keep you from moving forward.

The past can feel like a comfortable place to land, but it can be a wasteland where you might get lost and never find your way out again. Sitting too long in your own stuff, stewing, and ruminating over it with old friends can really be a bummer. If you are ready to move forward in recovery, it may be best to leave those people (and old haunts) in the past.

Lasting Peace

The final piece of the puzzle you need to recognize for yourself when it comes to building a lasting peace within yourself comes from trying these steps:

  • Recognize the work it has taken you to get here now
  • Offer gratitude for the journey
  • Connect with sober friends more than ones still stuck in addiction
  • Find a Higher Power or spiritual practice
  • Let go of control

Ultimately, none of us has any control over what happens in life. We can only have control over how we respond to those events. If you are ready to finally be at peace with yourself, you need to lay down your arms and battle ready gear. You are not doing battle any longer, you are waging a peaceful protest against the forces that seek to draw you back into addiction. A place of peace is available to you if you are willing to take it up on its offer. It means letting go of who you think you were, or need to be, and accepting where you are is the best place to be. Right here, right now, you are exactly where you need to be and that is the best place to be.

If you are struggling with finding some peace in your life, call us. Serenity is all about helping you find peace after addiction. We have resources and programs designed to help you recover. Call us 24/7 at our toll-free number: 844-339-6964