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How to Embrace Your Dreams After Addiction

Recovery from addiction is about taking the first giant leap of courage. The best way to begin your journey starts with admitting a problem exists. During rehab, therapists and addiction specialists will help with your struggle and develop a plan. That is a great time to start writing down a vision with specific goals to help you focus on ways to embrace, and achieve, your new dreams in recovery.


It may take some time to get used to a new life after addiction. Like new skin, it takes awhile for it to “feel right.” Getting help in rehab is a good start, then comes the really hard work of dealing with root issues and cause of addiction. The tools work together to help you change your life. Change will not happen all at once. Learning to make healthier decisions and changing bad habits is the best, and only, way to move forward. With a plan in place you can invite others to help you realize your goals. Accept you are where you are now for a reason and you get to choose how you let things unfold from here on out. With a greater sense of control comes a greater sense of responsibility, but also, freedom.

Family Relationships

Wounded family relationships can be the most challenging to repair in the wake of addiction. The temptation to want things to be right straight away can cause discouragement and even frustration on both sides. The wounds of addiction have deep roots which means it takes time to re-establish trust. Patience is often necessary to keep from hurting anyone further. Each person will be a different place in the journey. Respect where you are, where family members are, and that it will likely take time to move forward but it will be worth the wait.

Dream Again

Ah, those dreams; those wild, vivid dreams. The ones you had before addiction and the ones you still have now. It can feel overwhelming to think about dreams: dreams lost, dreams reimagined. Don’t let yourself get stuck in the past of thinking about how addiction robbed you of so much. It has done that, but you are in a new place now. It is time to dream again. This will help give you fuel for recovery if you can remember where you have been and how far you’ve come.

Set Goals

To dream again is to set new goals. Setting daily goals is an important task to building up to that bigger vision. Having a plan and following it gives you little room to focus on the past. Mistakes are made and meant to be learned from, so long as you sit down with family and talk about what you want to do. Ask for help in setting reasonable goals with measurable results. Find people to hold you accountable and keep moving forward.

The Serenity Recovery Center helps you make big decisions about where your life is headed. You do not want to miss out on the chance to reinvent your life in recovery. If you are tired of missing out on your dreams and goals, call us. We are available 24/7 at our toll-free number: 844-339-6964. Call now.